There are plenty of international hotels at Lalitpur, Nepal. Provided below are some of the hotels’ information

Hotel Himalaya: Price around US$108

Hotel Himalaya
Sahid Shukra Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal
+977 1-5523900

Hotel Goodwill  ( US$60)

Sinchahity, Lalitpur, Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 1-5544520

Hotel Clarion ( US$70)
Lagankhel Rd
Patan, Nepal

Hotel Greenwich ( US$100)


9 Rooms
Ekantakuna Chowk
Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 980-3479859

Hira ( US$50)
Box 8975 EPC 2977
Kwalakhu Rd, Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 1-5533273

Shaligram Apartment Hotel

Patan, Nepal
+977 1-5534713

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